Tips & Techniques

Creating Your Poster

Whether you use PowerPoint, Publisher, Illustrator, or any other software, they all make great posters. We typically recommend that you use PowerPoint given its wide spread availability and relatively ease of use. In fact, we have several pre-formatted PowerPoint templates which you can use to get started. To access these free templates, see our Template section, Here >.


Things to Watch Out For

  • Insert text directly into PowerPoint using text boxes. Text can be copied and pasted from other programs into the text box.
  • Do not insert or embed Excel tables or charts, Word documents, etc. directly into PowerPoint. Instead, save these objects as images and then insert the image into PowerPoint.  See the following article regarding how to save an Excel chart as an image, Here >
  • When you insert images, make sure your images are embedded rather than linked.
  • Avoid low resolution images
  • Save at High Quality Settings
  • Save with Embedded Fonts