Poster Review Instructions


The last thing you want is to get your poster back and unroll it to realize that it does not look as good as you thought it did. Before submitting your poster, review every inch of your poster on the screen at the size (resolution) you intend to have it printed in.

Be sure to pay attention to:

Image quality – When you scale your poster to its print resolution, what looked good at 100% scale may not at 200% if the image file was of a low resolution. To fix this, replace the image with a higher resolution image (150 to 300 dpi works for most posters).
Symbols – Make sure any Greek symbols used in your presentation converted successfully. If they did not, try the Symbol font.

Poster Review step-by-step instructions:

  1. Open your PDF poster file in Adobe Acrobat.
  2. From the top tool bar, click on View, click on Zoom, click on Zoom To.
  3. Set the PDF zoom to the Review Zoom Scale. Click on OK. (If you need help determining the appropriate Review Zoom Scale, please follow these instructions, here.)
  4. Inspect every inch of the poster at the Review Zoom Scale for imperfections, errors, mistakes, image quality, chart quality, etc. Use the arrows on the keyboard to move the poster on the screen.
  5. Fix any errors identified in Powerpoint.
  6. Repeat Step 1: Powerpoint to PDF Procedures and the Step 3: Review Procedures until you have a clean PDF file.